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      1. Beworth Tour in Golden autumn

        Update:2017-12-08 11:12:49

        Beworth invited clients to visit plant from 25 Nov. 2017, in duration of 21 days, 1,000 clients stayed in Beworth to enjoy Golden autumn time.

        ▲Clients communication

        ▲Guide of "Beworth tour in Golden autumn"

        ▲QC department

        On site to experience and learn Beworth manufacture and quality, Beworth gave clients high confidence.

        ▲Visit assembly line

        Dual U shape assembly line, 210m length, 50 assembly stations, every machine is assembled in 8 minutes.

        QC Standard is showed head up screen.

        ▲Visited testing workshop

        All machines are protected by cover and deliver to all of China.

        ▲Needle bed assembly

        Needle bed is core parts of flat knitting machine, it requests strict condition. Needle bed workshop requests constant temperature and humidity to ensure needle bed quality. 

        ▲Explaining needle bed bread-in principle

        ▲CNC workshop

        Cam box is the key parts of flat knitting machine, importance like engineer to a car. Beworth equips Fanuc CNC to promote accuracy. 

        ▲Cam box assembly line

        Beworth has more than 10 years experience of manufacture of cam box.

        ▲Exhibiting room and training center

        Beworth not only designs pattern for customer, but also helps customers to train their own programmers and mechanists to grow up with customers together.

        ▲Exhibit machine

        After visiting, clients stay in the garden to enjoy Beworth view.

        We appreciated every customers to visited us, stay together to enjoy special Cixi sea food.